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Why Hire a VA?

When you hire a VA, you’re not hiring an employee … you’re developing a high-value business process.

Freedom for Wisconsin businesses
Costs savings, Part 2
Experience, experience, and more experience
Enjoy the benefits of buying local

Freedom for Wisconsin businesses.

These are the most-often cited reasons for working with a VA, and something even the rookiest of business owners can see – cost-savings and time-savings.

If you pay a Virtual Assistant $30 an hour for 30 hours a month, it’ll cost you $900. Period. If a VA has to take a call while working your project? The clock stops. If, on the other hand, if you hire a part-time assistant at $15 an hour for 15 hours a week, it’s $900 PLUS the cost of benefits, taxes, space, equipment, training and unproductive time around the water cooler.

With a VA, there are no employees to manage, no liability, and no ongoing professional development. Thanks to contractual agreements with VAs, the client is in control of cost, tasks and timelines.

Cost-savings, Part 2

How much time are you spending on “detail work” on your to-do list? Have you figured out how much it’s costing you?

You’re a consultant who charges $200 an hour to your clients. Between mailings, phone calls, networking events, and follow-up, you estimate it takes an average of 10 hours of work for each new client. But you’re spending 10 hours a week on administrative tasks.  That’s 10 hours that’s not billable, and 10 hours not courting new clients.

By hiring a VA, you’ll have the freedom to focus on growing your business and increasing your profitability, not the routine tasks on your to-do list. Why waste time on tasks that aren’t centered around furthering your strategic goals?

Virtual Assistants are business owners, too. While VAs’ responsibilities are generally similar to on-site, on-staff professional assistants, VAs are known to go above and beyond for their clients. After all, like any business, their practice depends on stellar customer service.

Additionally, not only do VAs rely on their always-growing network of tools and resources to get the job done for their clients, but they also offer a unique understanding and perspective because, like many of their clients, they are small-business owners themselves.

Experience, experience and more experience

Most Virtual Assistants start their practices with years of training and expertise in the corporate and professional world. Ask a VA about his or her background, and you’ll find everything from decades of experience as a successful administrative or executive assistant to former high-level managers and directors. 

But experience doesn’t stop there.

VAs have experience … well … being a VA! For clients who have never worked with a Virtual Assistant, there’s a natural learning curve associated with integrating the new “staff” person into the process. VAs tap into their own business models in order to work with new clients on setting up processes that result in a cohesive, seamless integration into the client’s organization.

Enjoy the benefits of buying local.

There are Virtual Assistants spread around the state of Wisconsin, all of whom offer customized service listings and support. If you are a Wisconsin-based business, you can easily find a VA with a specific skill set and who has knowledge of the state economy and business landscape.

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